Our Los Angeles art consultants build custom collections of beautiful artwork tailored to your vision

WRAPPED is a Venice, California-based studio that provides custom fine art consulting and production services. Our goal is to deliver inspirational, museum-quality works that complement interior spaces in a wide range of settings. Our consultants carefully assess the tone and character of the space being served before recommending an aesthetic approach that will enliven, embolden, and heighten its impact.

Our clients include world-famous designers, private art collectors, property developers, and visionary entrepreneurs who have used the power of artwork to enhance their image and branding initiatives and express their values to clients and investors. We’ve also served royalty and delivered work that is now on display in some of the world’s most expensive and exclusive hotels.

A resume like this might imply lavish costs, but in reality, we are able to provide these exceptional services at very affordable rates that are well below industry averages. This is because we manage all production in-house, thus cutting resellers out of the equation and passing the savings directly to our valued clients.

WRAPPED’s expert Los Angeles art consultants serve a complete range of private, public, commercial, and residential spaces

WRAPPED is a turnkey Los Angeles art consultant and production studio. We customize every project to the unique tastes of each client, refining the visual qualities of the work we produce to ensure it’s a perfect match for the space it will occupy. As such, our services translate perfectly to a complete range of settings, including:

• Multifamily residences. We provide stunningly beautiful, masterpiece-quality artwork for display in common areas of condominium and apartment complexes.
Corporate offices. Artwork is proven to inspire employees and increase their job satisfaction, and it also conveys critical values like creativity, aesthetic awareness, and an appreciation for the finer things in life.
• Private residences. We work with homeowners to build their private collections to add depth and visual dimension to their homes and estates.
• Hotels. Hotels can use the subtle but transcendent power of art to better engage and satisfy their guests.
• Corporate developers.
• Public Spaces.

In addition to our core consulting and fine art production services, we also provide custom framing of all finished pieces and maintain partnerships with carefully selected manufacturers of exceptional products such as carpets, upholstery, and textiles.

Learn more by exploring our site, or contact a Los Angeles art consultant to discuss your specific needs in detail.