Advantages of Commercial Vinyl Wallcoverings

Commercial vinyl wallcoverings, also known as contract wallcoverings, offer many compelling benefits. In addition to a host of advanced physical properties including superior mold, mildew, smoke, and fire resistance, vinyl wallcoverings are far more durable than conventional wallpaper. This enhances their appeal in many high-visibility and high-traffic environments, particularly in commercial, retail, institutional, and hospitality spaces.

Additional advantages include:

Commercial vinyl wallcoverings can double as a branding opportunity

Large interior walls—and especially those in prominent areas that attract high volumes of foot traffic—are often underutilized as marketing platforms despite their strong potential for relaying branded messaging. Custom vinyl wallpaper for businesses and institutions can help businesses and institutions take better advantage of the opportunity these spaces present.

Clients can order custom vinyl wallcoverings with company or partnership logos, marketing slogans and taglines, or imagery that reflects the organization’s mission. This strategy creates a low-cost and long-lasting avenue to optimizing the advertising and branding value of otherwise empty interior walls.

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They withstand damage far more readily than conventional wallpaper

Commercial vinyl wallcoverings have advanced performance characteristics rated by Federal Specification CCC-W-408D. This protocol reflects the exceptional physical features and performance specifications associated with commercial-grade vinyl wallpaper, which is rigorously tested for:

  • Resistance to light damage
  • Washability and scrubbability
  • Abrasion, stain, and tear resistance
  • Resistance to temperature extremes (heat and cold)
  • Flame and fire resistance

The specification also evaluates vinyl wallcoverings for numerous other key features, and clients can select a wallcovering product with superior performance in one or more of these important areas.

They can tell a story and convey important information

While commercial vinyl wallcoverings make an excellent branding and marketing medium, they can also be used to relay factual information. For instance, many hospitality and institutional clients use them for wayfinding applications. Businesses also deploy them as a means of aligning the organization with important shared values, or telling a story about its origins or history. 

WRAPPED Studios creates commercial vinyl wallcoverings featuring customized text, images, and branded messaging. 

WRAPPED Studios specializes in creating customized commercial vinyl wallcoverings for clients seeking to transform underused interior walls into branded messaging and informational platforms. 

We use a unique developmental process led by expert art advisors, who work with clients to determine a strong and unified creative direction for each project. A skilled and talented team of artists and technicians performs all production work in-house, delivering bespoke results of elite quality.

To learn more about our custom wallcoverings, or to set up your initial consultation, please contact our studio.


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