Bank Art Consultants

WRAPPED Studios’ bank art consultants help financial services companies create refined, curated environments that inspire confidence.

In competitive, results-focused industries like financial services, impressions count for a great deal. Creating a sophisticated, tasteful atmosphere supports multiple strategic goals of institutional branding: it clearly communicates company values while using the interior environment to connect with both employees and clients. Our professional bank art consultants are a valuable asset to banking and financial services clients seeking to upgrade their interior designs.

As noted by internationally respected journalists, practically all banking institutions now buy contemporary art. Some institutions do so as an investment, hoping their collections will increase in value over time and provide the bank with exposure to diversified asset classes. Others note art’s proven value as a creative stimulator and tone-setting centerpiece of interior design strategy.

Whatever your reasons for adding to your institution’s art collection, our bank art consultants can match you with breathtaking custom, made-to-order pieces in a full range of formats and media. Choose from:

The WRAPPED Studios production team sports a complete range of capabilities, from the classically inspired to the ultra-modern. Our artists exhibit particular skill with abstract, contemporary, and cutting-edge artwork that makes creative use of emerging media and display technologies.



Our internationally focused network of professional bank art consultants assist clients in cities around the globe.

The WRAPPED Studios client roster features prestigious establishments and institutions with an international flavor, and our bank art consultants are pleased to work with clients based anywhere in the world. We conduct consultation sessions in person at our Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, and London offices, and virtual sessions for clients located elsewhere are readily available by appointment.

WRAPPED Studios deploys a proprietary digital-analog process to create custom artwork in a complete range of styles. Our bank art consultants can match your institution with the formats, media, designs, and expressive elements that best reflect its goals and values, delivering a refined art procurement experience that is easier and more efficient than sourcing pieces on the secondary market.

To learn more, please contact a member of our client services team to arrange your initial sessions with one of our dedicated bank art consultants

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