Car Dealership Art Consultants

Our car dealership art consultants excel at helping auto retailers build environments that put customers and ease and win business.

Auto retailers understand the importance of every possible advantage in this notoriously competitive industry. This extends to branding strategy, which plays a critical role in setting psychological and emotional moods. When these initiatives succeed, customers feel calmer and more at ease, and are therefore more likely to make a purchase. Our experienced car dealership art consultants know how to help auto retailers curate spaces to optimize these positive impacts.

Art has a proven impact on consumer behavior, giving it considerable value to owners and managers of car dealerships. It acts upon numerous psychological and emotional processes including:

  • Color psychology: Each color and hue has specific emotional and psychological properties associated with it. The wrong color combinations can repel customers, but the right ones can win your dealership business that might otherwise have walked out the door.


  • The power of suggestion: Lines, shapes, textures, and formats have subtle but palpable impacts similar to those exerted by color and hue choices.


  • Mood: Above all, a car dealership’s interior design strategy should strive to create a relaxed and calm mood that inspires confidence and trust in the company. Art ranks among the most direct ways to achieve these goals.

    Custom art also offers the most efficient path to taking advantage of art’s powerful influence on the purchasing process. Our car dealership art consultants play a critical role in developing made-to-order pieces that perfectly match clients’ facilities, branding objectives, and stylistic preferences. 

    Consult our specialist car dealership art consultants virtually or in person at any of our four office locations.

    Maximizing the impact of your dealership’s artistic displays requires deep insights and an experienced touch, and our professional car dealership art consultants offer both. After guiding you to a custom-tailored strategy, our consultants then pass your project along to our world-class network of in-house production professionals.

    One unique differentiator of the WRAPPED Studios value proposition is our unparalleled ability to create museum-quality artwork and highly affordable price points. We achieve this while delivering a bespoke art procurement experience that offers the ultimate in customization potential, ensuring the final product perfectly matches your objectives and expectations.

    The process begins with a one-on-one meeting with one of our insightful car dealership art consultants. You can arrange a virtual consultation, or visit us in person in Los Angeles, Orange County, Chicago, or London. To get started, please contact a client services representative today.  


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