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Venice Beach, CA 90291



WRAPPED matches the artistic caliber of original handpainted works of art without matching the time frame and pricing thereof. This allows clients to experience, as Interior Design called it, “museum quality” artwork at an unprecedented price point and with an unprecedented degree of customization.

After a client and WRAPPED collaborate to create and approve an original or set of original designs, lead times range from six to eight weeks. Comparatively, a single original hand-painted piece of a similar size could take months to complete.

At WRAPPED, the possibilities are infinite. However, most of our work for WRAPPED Space is done on Canvas, Acrylic, Aluminum, Cotton Rag, and Wallpaper.

  • Canvas – Canvas is our most sought after/requested medium. There are several advantages of canvas, from its high-end feel to its scalability in size that make it ideal for adding a sophisticated feel to any space.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic is a highly contemporary feeling medium. Sleek and attention grabbing, it is ideal for focal areas in both public and private spaces.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is our most durable medium. In addition to its fresh aesthetic, aluminum pieces are ideal for high traffic areas, covered outdoor areas, or anywhere that vandalism is a concern.
  • Cotton Rag – Framed under glass, cotton rag is our most traditional feeling medium. Cotton rag is a good option for residences, corridors, or to provide variety in lobbies.
  • Wallpaper – Wallpaper our most immersive medium. Striking and unique, wallpaper can be used for signature walls, or for an entire space.

We provide floater wooden frames at cost. Should a specific color of frame be desired, we can work to stain or paint the frames anything from matte black to metallic gold. Custom aluminum frames are also available, however these are a more expensive option.

Aluminum is highly recommended for outdoor spaces. An aluminum piece will be durable enough to withstand most of the elements, though direct sunlight will cause it to fade. Outdoor banner material is an alternative option, and is particularly suited for large murals, construction coverings, or pieces that are not at the ground level.

WRAPPED consults with the client to ensure that the appropriate medium for any given space is selected. Depending on the traffic and function of the space, different media and installation techniques will be recommended to ensure the vitality of the artwork. Aluminum is highly durable, and usually recommended for high traffic or outdoor spaces. Canvas is installed on stretcher bars which makes it durable and difficult to puncture.

All of our art begins with original, hand-painted elements. The materials used to create these small scale original pieces encompass everything from traditional gouache, oil, acrylic, and pencil techniques to the incorporation of found items. We then use technology to transform these elements into completely unique and customizable works of art at any scale.

Should theft be a concern, T-screws can be used upon installation to ensure the security of the art.

Generally, we use French cleats to install artwork, but we are accustomed to working with specific installation needs. For instance, if you have travertine walls you do not want to drill into, we can look into using an adhesive. We can hang on any wall material, given we know in advance what that wall material is.

WRAPPED works to ensure all art is securely delivered and installed in a space. From finding a local art installer to booking either an art shuttle or air shipping service, WRAPPED coordinates between client, shippers, and professional installers to make sure all art goes seamlessly from our studio to your space.