Custom Art Consulting

The WRAPPED Studios team of custom art consulting experts have worked on projects for some of the world’s most luxurious and exclusive properties.

Custom art consulting is one of the feature services of our Los Angeles-based studio. Our team of in-house experts has decades of combined experience in the art world, and our recent consulting projects include accounts with high-profile luxury properties in the United States, Europe, and other international locations. WRAPPED Studios is trusted by discerning collectors and demanding clients who work in competitive industries that have no room for second best.

Our industry-specific custom art consulting services include:

  • Hospitality art consultants: Create a more intimate and memorable guest experience by using custom-tailored artwork to forge a closer and more emotional connection with your customers. Give your hotel an advantage in today’s hyper-competitive hospitality market.
  • Corporate art consulting: Communicate company values while making your offices a more relaxing and appealing place to work and do business. You’ll also signal your commitment to creative thinking, which can help you draw in better employment talent.
  • Residential art consultants: High-density residential properties can use art to brand themselves, thus attracting and retaining more desirable tenant bases.
  • Hospital and institutional art consultants: A growing body of scientific evidence supports the notion that art has the power to help people heal. Art has also been shown to fight hospital-related stress and anxiety, reduce the need for pain medication, and promote faster and more complete patient recovery.

We are also pleased to work with individual clients seeking custom pieces for their homes and private collections.

Our custom art consulting professionals are here to help you beautify and enhance your home, office, institutional facility, or place of business.

Drawing on their deep knowledge of art styles, interior design best practices, and the psychological impacts of art, our custom art consulting professionals guide clients to the styles, formats, and media that best meet their objectives. Of course, our clients retain full control over the creative direction of their projects during the consulting phase, and we will strive to achieve your vision and translate your initial impulses and ideas into stunning, museum-quality works of custom-made fine art.

If you have questions about our custom art consulting services, or if you would like to arrange a session with one of our in-house experts, please contact WRAPPED Studios online or by phone.