Hospitality Art Consultants

Art has the ability to play a major role in hospitality properties. Increasingly, hotels are turning hospitality art consultants to find art that will form the foundation of an emotional relationship with their  guests.

As consumers seek more experiential venues, hotels are leveraging artwork installations to positively impact guest satisfaction and loyalty. WRAPPED’s hospitality art consultants and hotel art creation services work together to not only realize, but maximize the great potential that art has to transform a hotel property from a place into an experience.

By creating hotel art that is completely unique and customized to a specific property, WRAPPED is able to create art for hotel rooms, art for lobbies, and art for hallways that can either stand alone, or complement an existing collection. WRAPPED consults with both local and global hospitality clients to create completely tailored bodies of hotel artwork in the desired sizes and media to fit a space. From the neoclassical, historic Hotel Crillon in Paris to the bold, modern space of Hotel Irvine, WRAPPED’s hospitality art consultants work with our clients to design hotel artwork that brings a desired aesthetic to life.

green contemporary art hotel room hospitality art consultants

WRAPPED’S hospitality art consultants builds unique bodies of art for hotels from the ground up with no middlemen.

Both our team of in house artists and our direct collaboration with artisan framers allow us to provide custom fine art for hotels with no consulting fees or markups. This grants hotel developers and designers the ability to devote resources entirely to the art for hotel rooms, art for corridors, art for lobbies, art for spas, art for restaurants and art for any other space on the property that might warrant it.

Through this unique process of hotel art consulting and creation, WRAPPED is not only able to create hotel art in any aesthetic and medium, but also to manufacture it at any size. From 24” x 24” squares lining a corridor, to a 10’ x 24’ piece for a lobby, our process allows our hospitality clients virtually no limitations when it comes to size.

orange red contemporary art hotel amenity area hospitality art consultants

WRAPPED’s unique approach to hotel art creation is ideal for hotel developers and designers looking to either craft a new or transform an existing hospitality property.

Because we create art from scratch to fit a specific space and because working with us grants direct access to our art studio, clients benefit from a custom hospitality fine art consulting experience at a far lower price point than is typical in the industry. From a single hotel art piece to an entire collection, WRAPPED creates hotel artwork that captures the modern hotel guest’s desire to engage with their environment.