Corporate Art Consultants


Corporate art consultants can curate art in corporate spaces that will attract and retain both valuable clients and quality talent.

Companies are increasingly expected to communicate their story and brand to engage with customers and employees alike. Millennial clients and talent in particular expect a company to have a compelling corporate narrative. Businesses are turning to art to satisfy this demand. As the acquisition of quality talent becomes increasingly competitive, businesses are leveraging artwork installations to create attractive workplace environments that simultaneously make a lasting impression on clients. WRAPPED’s corporate art consultants and creation services work together to create corporate art collections that transform a business.

corporate art consultants blue pink red orange green abstract large art orange county lobby

WRAPPED’s corporate art consultants work with clients to create custom, original art for offices, art for lobbies, art for board rooms, and art for corridors that can either stand alone, or complement an existing corporate art collection.

WRAPPED has worked with end-user offices and multi-unit office buildings alike to create completely tailored bodies of corporate artwork in the desired sizes and media to fit a space. From the edgy, minimalistic wall-covering installation that WRAPPED designed for the collaborative workspace Brookfield Design Hive to the sleek, classic acrylics and canvases that WRAPPED created for the California State Bar, WRAPPED’s team of corporate art consultants is capable of providing art in any aesthetic at any scale. Every area of the corporate space including executive offices, corporate lobbies, private offices, office hallways, and office reception areas can be transformed with sophisticated artwork.

corporate art consultants creme white and rust orange dark red brown abstract art piece

Once a corporate art collection has been commissioned,WRAPPED builds the body art from the ground up with no middlemen.

Because WRAPPED collaborates directly with our artisan framers and in house artists, our clients have access to original, custom fine art with no consulting fees or markups. This grants corporate developers and designers the ability to devote resources entirely to the art for private offices, art for office corridors, art for office lobbies, art for board rooms, art for conference rooms, art for office cafeterias and art for any other space on the property that might warrant it.

corporate art consultants orange and yellow grid abstract art lobby acrylic

WRAPPED is able not only to create corporate art in any aesthetic and medium, but also to manufacture it at any size.

From 24” x 24” squares lining a corridor, to a set of two 10’ x 24’ pieces for a lobby, our process allows our corporate clients virtually no limitations when it comes to size. We can also coordinate delivery and installation–both domestically and internationally–should the client require this service.


corporate art consultants california state bar bright abstract art red blue brown black hallway

Corporate developers and designers striving to transform a corporate space can take full advantage of WRAPPED’s unique approach to corporate art creation.

Clients benefit from a custom corporate fine art consulting experience at a far lower price point than is typical in the industry because we build art from the ground up to fit a specific space. From a large scale piece designed to impact an expansive lobby to smaller works that bring luxury to individual offices, WRAPPED creates corporate artwork that captures the modern expectation for businesses to tell a story.

corporate art consultants orange and yellow large abstract piece chicago

Some of our corporate projects include: