Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman

Wrapped Studios co-founders Ryland and Sam met as freshmen at Pomona College.  They formed an instant friendship and determined early in their college careers that they wanted to go into business together upon graduating with degrees in Economics.  Sam has had an interest in architecture since he was a young child and wanted to incorporate his passion for design into the business.  Ryland, a lifelong artist, is the son of painter Charles Arnoldi.  He grew up in an art studio mixing paints, stretching canvases, and creating works of art since he was a very young child.  Sam and Ry agreed that art and design had to be the core foundation of the company that eventually evolved into WRAPPED Studios.  They spent a year after college traveling around the world studying different cultures and traditions. Avid surfers, outdoorsmen, and adventurers, Ry and Sam shared a quintessential California aesthetic that evolved with travel and time to encompass an international sensibility.

Kat Oldershaw

Studio Director
After working in furniture and interior design, I bring a surplus of creative and beer related knowledge to the table.

Jen Mehranvary

Director of Sales
After studying fine art at UC Irvine, my favorite work of art is still my toy poodle.

Mira Howard

Passionate about business development, Excel, and perfecting my Australian accent.

Alise Larson

Art Advisor/Operations
An expert in pushing the envelope in design & dinner conversation.

Jordan Brade

Artist/Graphic Designer
They call me graphic design batman.

Robbie Giddens

Artist/Production Designer
I really know my way around a 16-color wide format printer.

Skotty Welch

Artist/Graphic Designer
After studying design at Howard University, I invaded LA and my dog became the cutest at WRAPPED Studios.

Mendel Varela


You could say that passion for framing runs in my blood.

Sofia Stark

Artist/Graphic Designer
I wanted to gain some real life experience working in an art world.

Tucker Strasser

See yourself working here?

Interested in joining our team? Email info@wrappedla.com for more information.

Alex Gabrielle

DIRECTOR of international Sales
After briefly training Sam in his finance career I decided to join his company.

Annie Couldrey


Tom Gill

Alex knows how much I love art, so he asked me to join the company. Easiest decision I’ve ever made.

Jill Seybold

art advisor

Carol Dunstan


Besides animals, my passion in life is Art! Curating collections from high-end residential to multi-story office buildings, provides an investment clients can live with!

Rich Grimes


 Bacon and I are working on a new digital finger and paw painting technology. Ry and Sam are just glad Bacon has someone to play with.

Steve Crosby


Love to problem solve, staying calm under pressure except when it comes to my NY Yankees.



If WRAPPED Studios was a kingdom, I would be queen.



Luxury boy by day, bad dog by night.



I’m a California living pooch, who loves eating paper and chewing up MacBook chargers!!! And I just learned how to sit!