At WRAPPED Fine Art, we specialize in producing custom, bespoke paintings for hospitality, commercial, residential, retail, and individual clients.

Though the WRAPPED Fine Art team works in a complete range of artistic formats, traditional paintings remain one of our signature specialties. Our bespoke custom paintings are currently on display in the office lobbies of major corporations and skyscrapers, the homes of discerning collectors, and the hallways and lobbies of some of the world’s most exclusive and acclaimed hospitality properties.


As you can see in our online project gallery below, many of our clients come to us seeking colorful, creative, large-format paintings that serve as focal centerpieces in commercial and residential spaces. For businesses, custom paintings offer a creative way to subtly communicate values to clients and customers. They elevate the refined quality of interior spaces, supporting branding strategies that stimulate repeat business.

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Our multifamily art consultants also recommend custom artwork to owners and managers of high-density properties for similar reasons. The presence of bespoke custom paintings contributes to a greater sense of sophistication in shared spaces, enhancing tenant enjoyment while building appeal to visitors and prospective residents. Thus, they help multifamily properties achieve higher occupancy rates and attract desirable tenants who will stay for the long term.


The private residential sector comprises another of our major industries. Discerning homeowners understand that sourcing the ideal piece of work on the secondary art market can be a time-consuming and costly proposition. Our custom paintings provide an efficient, convenient solution. They give the client total freedom to create the perfect tableau to complement a living room, bedroom, entryway, or gallery.

We are able to offer our incredible custom paintings at below-market rates thanks to a streamlined and efficient business model.

In addition to unlimited creative possibilities, our custom paintings appeal to clients because they are so affordably priced. We keep our overhead costs low by maintaining an extensive in-house roster of expert consultants and talented artists. This allows us to avoid the inflated costs that come with hiring outsourced contractors, and we pass those savings on to our clients to help us further improve our value proposition.


The end result is gallery-quality custom artwork at the industry’s most competitive rates. Our unique process begins with a detailed session with a member of our expert consulting team, so if you would like to arrange one, or if you have any other questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.