Pallas Textiles

WRAPPED Studios collaborated with American company Pallas to launch our first line of abstract upholstery textiles, Ineffable.  Inspired by the potential to create art on a medium that would allow our art to be experienced in its most tactile way yet, WRAPPED Studios sought out to design an abstract collection of designs that would be beyond description. The four final patterns that comprise the collection of fabrics–Taboo, Awe, Perception, and Phenomena–were chosen for their collective ability to evoke a sense of awe and speechlessness. Each pattern is completely unique, yet each of the four patterns of this textile collection bring the excitement of discovery and the joy of the abstract to life.

The Ineffable Collection offers a color palette of sophisticated neutrals and brushstrokes of unexpected color and includes the following four patterns:

  • Taboo – Taboo is edgy and raw – with a purpose. The patinaed ground effect gives the pattern a finely crafted foundation, but its organic brush strokes make it look hand-painted rather than woven.
  • Awe – The attention to detail in this pattern is awe-inspiring. Fine denure yarns of varying thicknesses create a beautiful large-scale filigree pattern. Yet, the pattern’s intricate scrolling also works on a smaller scale.
  • Perception – Perception evokes a feeling of thoughtfulness as you seemingly peer through window panes to what lies beyond. This timeless geometric pattern offers dimensionality through a perceived randomness of the rectilinear elements.
  • Phenomena – Phenomena creates wonderment with a structured field juxtaposed with abstract geometric elements. It’s indescribable how these geometric elements seem to float over the mottled look of the ground.


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