Garrett Leather

WRAPPED collaborated with Garrett Leather to create a vibrant collection of abstract printed leather. This collaboration takes its name from the word denizen, meaning inhabitant, in honor of the diverse body of people that make our city of Los Angeles so special.  Each design in the collection is as unique as the neighborhoods which comprise LA. Inspired by culture from all across the city, from the indie-vibe of Silverlake, to the natural beauty of Topanga, to the street art in our own neighborhood of Dogtown, this collection attempts to showcase the many facets of LA with a collection as simultaneously varied and cohesive as the city itself.



Sunny Hyde Park’s location in the heart of LA makes it a melting pot of culture. The pattern for Hyde was inspired by this central neighborhood’s urban essence.



From hip-hop to football, Inglewood has always played an integral role in shaping Los Angeles. Our design for Inglewood strives to capture the same brazen spirit for which the collection was named.



Eastside neighborhood Silver Lake has long been known as a friend to the indie music scene, and a home to some of LA’s most avant garde modernist architecture. The artwork for this collection emulates Silver Lake’s artistic culture.


One of Los Angeles’ most iconic streets, Melrose runs from Santa Monica Boulevard in West LA all the way to Lucille Avenue in Eastside Silver Lake. Our design for this collection follows after Melrose Avenue’s unique fusion of funk and glamor.


Nestled at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains, Leo Carillo is a quintessential Southern California beach. This pattern was inspired by the natural beauty of Leo Carillo, and the adventurous spirit which the Pacific Ocean inspires.



Echo Park is one of LA’s most young and vibrant neighborhoods, named for its proximity to the iconic Echo Park Lake. This collection was designed as a manifestation of the wild and artistic spirit of the place for which it was named.



Dogtown, Venice’s local nickname, has long been LA’s beachside hub of art and bohemian culture. As WRAPPED’s home, the artwork for this collection takes a stab at embodying the eccentricities and beauty that make Venice so celebrated.


Marina del Rey is the small seaside boat-hub of LA. The artwork for this collection was created in homage to the easygoing, nautical side of LA.


Tucked away in a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga is a neighborhood as naturally stunning as it is bohemian. This collection’s design was inspired by Topanga’s symbiosis of city and land.


One of the oldest and most diverse neighborhoods of Westside LA, Palms is the quintessential LA sun-soaked LA neighborhood. Inspired by the beauty of a place where different people live side by side, the artwork for this collection is an embodiment of what it means to coexist.