An abstract approach to portrait art

Our collection for Spring 2019 was inspired by the inherent artistic nature of the human form, and the beauty and abstractions within it. Perfect for high end hospitality, residential spaces, and corporate environments, or any space calling for a nuanced interpretation of portraiture, this collection of portrait artwork is an easy way to draw human connection and beauty into a project in a completely original way. Taking inspiration from traditional portrait paintings, Wrapped LA’s Spring Collection introduces a wide range of color, texture, and movement into the portrayal of the human figure.


We’ve combined our hand painted techniques, photographs, pop art elements, midcentury color blocking, and unique sensibility to create uniquely captivating pieces.


By blending a variety of styles and threading them together with the human form as their common subject, we are able to stylize our own take on raw human nature. All twelve of the concepts in this collection can be further customized to fit a specific space. From color, to scale, to medium any image in this collection can be tailored to best fit your environment.