Our expert Los Angeles art consultants deliver valuable, impactful insights that can make your business better.

At WRAPPED Fine Art, our professional Los Angeles art consultants form a central part of our value proposition. Every client account begins with an in-depth consultation session, during which we sit down with you for a detailed discussion about your objectives, stylistic preferences, and property characteristics.


We inform our approach by building a deep understanding of these issues because they have a direct and demonstrable impact on your results. Many of our commercial clients come from the corporate and hospitality industries, where fine art plays an important role in branding and projecting organizational values. Thus, it’s essential that the art you choose reflects these elements of your business in a clear, direct, and meaningful way. Our consultants are experts in helping clients achieve these goals.


Our Los Angeles art consultants also offer extensive experience in other areas, including:


  • Residential art: Whether you’re a collector seeking a unique piece for your home or a property manager looking to enhance the appeal of your multifamily building, our consultants are here to expedite your procurement efforts.
  • Institutional art: Hospitals and healthcare institutions benefit from our budget-friendly approach to custom art creation, which has been scientifically shown to have a positive impact on patient outcomes.
  • Licensing: Product manufacturers can license our custom-made designs to differentiate consumer products, including clothing, textiles, lifestyle products, and many others.


Like all WRAPPED Fine Art services, our art consulting process occurs in-house, with dedicated professionals who are proud to be a part of our world-class team.

Arrange a personal session with our Los Angeles art consultants today.

Our consultants combine their comprehensive knowledge of art history and artistic styles with their highly attuned understanding of commercial needs and practicalities to deliver an outstanding value proposition. Because all consulting and production work occurs in-house, we are able to deliver finished work of sublime quality for prices that are below standard market rates.

If you’re looking to leverage the power of bespoke custom art to further your corporate image, build your brand, or enhance the overall appeal of your property, our Los Angeles art consultants have the experience and insight to guide your project to a successful conclusion. To learn more, or to arrange your session, please contact a member of our client services team today.

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