Residential Art Consultants


Residential art consultants know that well curated private art collection is one of the best ways to transform a house into a home.

This applies as much to an established residence as it does to a model home. As long as there have been homes, art has been collected and displayed in them to serve as a reflection of their inhabitants. WRAPPED’s fully customized home art collections are the next generation of this tradition, and our unique process allows for the artwork to fit the home as much as it reflects the residents.

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WRAPPED’s completely customized contemporary wall art for private homes is designed from the ground up to fit a space and embolden a specific aesthetic.

Our residential art consultants work with our team of in house artists in a process that allows us complete creative flexibility to dream up the appropriate artwork for a home. From living room wall art, to wall paintings for bedrooms, to kitchen wall art, our residential art consulting and residential art creation services work together to create bespoke home art collections tailored to a space. In one home, for example, we created a vibrant collection that translated the immediate nature surrounding the house into artwork. For other homes, our collections were more serious and sophisticated to complement the minimalistic interiors. Our site-specific work ends in personal residential art collections that are as unique as their collectors.

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WRAPPED works directly with our artists and framers so that there is no middle-man, which saves our art collectors and home stagers money.

We are a fully integrated operation so there are never any consulting fees or markups which allows art collectors and home stagers to devote resources entirely to the art itself. From square cotton rag pieces lining a hallway to vertical pieces flanking a fireplace, our process allows private art collectors no limitations when it comes to size.

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All in all, WRAPPED’s unique approach to residential art creation is ideal for private collectors and designers looking to add wall art to a private residence.

Because we create art from scratch to fit a specific space and because working with us grants direct access to our art studio, clients benefit from a custom residential fine art consulting experience at a far lower price point than is typical in the industry. From a single wall art piece to an entire collection, WRAPPED creates residential artwork that fulfills the ancient desire to fill a home with art in a modern way.

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Some of our residential projects include: