We leverage the unique creative power of digital media to create immersive, interactive, and transformative video art experiences.

The proliferation of digital technology has opened up exciting new channels for artistic expression, and the WRAPPED Fine Art team has the creative and technical expertise to lead the creation of ambitious and visionary video art projects. We conceive, design, and bring to life immersive media installations for both special events and permanent display, using cutting-edge technologies and inspired creativity to build memorable original media experiences.


Digital technology has several unique characteristics that no other medium can offer. Its interactive nature and audiovisual elements open up a limitless set of possibilities, ranging from data-enabled light sculptures and hybrid blends of media art and architecture to large-scale virtual reality opus displays. WRAPPED Fine Art helps clients realize video art’s unmatched potential to create captivating experiences that engage viewers in new ways to leave a lasting impact.


Our team offers scalable capabilities, ranging from intimate digital art installations to ambitious, large-format projects that engage viewers by the hundreds or thousands.

Use the advanced capabilities of emerging video art technologies to tell your story in a compelling way.

The WRAPPED Fine Art suite of video art services combines the advanced insights of our consulting staff with the limitless talents of our creative and technical teams to guide client projects to successful conclusions.


We are based in the Los Angeles suburb of Venice Beach, making us specially capable of responding to local corporate, entertainment, and media clients seeking video and digital installations for special events. Our team is also happy to engage clients across the country and around the world seeking consultation and production services for video art projects.  


Video marketing has emerged as a crucial new channel through which companies engage existing and prospective clients. In corporate settings, video art speaks volumes about the value your company places on innovation and forward thinking. Our video art consultants are specially attuned to the needs of corporate clients seeking to capitalize on the incredible potential of video art to add aesthetic and creative value to their offices and headquarters, and to deliver targeted branding and advertising messages in mobile and public settings.


If you would like to learn more about our video art consultation or production services, or to arrange a session with one of our expert in-house consultants, please contact a member of the WRAPPED Fine Art client services team.


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