Public Art Consultants

The Wrapped Studios team of public artwork consultants guide the creation of engaging civic artistic displays.

Public artwork displays enhance civic engagement with common spaces and strengthen community cultural bonds. They can be commissioned by private donors as well as government agencies, typically with the intent of making a socially relevant statement with a wide range of interpretive possibilities. Because such artworks require detailed and careful creative conceptualization, we recommend working with experienced public artwork consultants who have specific experience in this field.

Artworks created for public display often have a different set of objectives than pieces placed in private settings. Corporate clients typically use art as an extension of their branding strategies, while custom residential artwork is often commissioned as part of a collection or as a way to enhance an interior design strategy. Public artwork, on the other hand, seeks to creatively engage citizens and establish the place it occupies as a destination with particular significance and value.

Public works of art are frequently used to make subtle social commentaries, often in such a way that the message is open to multiple interpretations. Achieving this balance requires careful conception and the advanced expertise that public artwork consultants can provide.        

Our in-house public artwork consultants prepare comprehensive plans and oversee production to ensure a cohesive final product that aligns perfectly with your expectations.

In addition to guiding the creative conceptualization of the artwork, public art consultants also generate detailed production plans and specifications that ensure the end result accurately reflects client expectations. At WRAPPED Studios, our consultants achieve this by working carefully with clients during the initial stages of a project.

Thorough care at these conceptual stages is particularly important for projects that will be displayed in public spaces, since publicly displayed art has such a high community profile. Our public art consultants have guided many similar projects to successful completions. The WRAPPED art consulting team brings an acute and highly attuned understanding of the relationship between art and viewer to every project. All work is performed in house, and our consultants maintain close liaisons with our production staff every step of the way to ensure cohesion, accuracy, and complete client satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more, or if you would like to engage our public artwork consultants on a project, please contact a member of our client services department today.