Residential Art

WRAPPED Studios provides museum-quality works of custom residential art for prices you’ll find pleasantly surprising.

Residential art is a key area of focus for the art experts and creative professionals at WRAPPED Studios. Through our Venice, California-based studio, we provide full-service consultation and production services to clients looking to use the power of custom-made artwork to enhance and beautify their interior spaces.

The unique WRAPPED process begins with a detailed consultation. We will assign a dedicated fine art consultant to your project, who will work with you to develop a detailed understanding of your particular residential space and its defining characteristics. From there, we will present a range of suggestions for your consideration and final approval.

Our custom works of residential art are brought to life by a highly skilled and incredibly talented team of in-house artists. The creative professionals we work with have a comprehensive knowledge base and skill set, which enables them to flawlessly execute custom-made artwork in a complete range of styles and media.

All work, from the initial consultation right down to the framing of the finished product, is performed in-house. Because this unique business model keeps costs low by eliminating middlemen and markups, we are able to offer museum-quality works of custom fine art for below-market prices that you will find surprisingly affordable.

Display our custom residential art to enliven common spaces in multifamily dwellings, or as focal points and conversation pieces in private residences.

Work produced at WRAPPED Studios graces the homes of royal families and prestigious collectors, and can be found on the walls of some of the world’s most luxurious and exclusive properties. Our online portfolio will give you a clearer idea of the many styles, formats, and media we work in, and the high level of quality we deliver with every project.

We serve two major markets with our custom residential art. First, property managers and real estate investors trust our team to create beautiful artwork for common spaces in high-density dwellings and multi-family residences. In multi-family communities, these projects turn empty walls into branding opportunities that can help you attract a more desirable tenant base. Additionally, our residential art consultants are happy to work with homeowners and occupants of private residences who want to add a customized flair of creativity to their living spaces.

To learn more about our unique custom residential art production process, or to arrange a consultation, please contact us.