original art creation services
custom framing services

Art Consulting

Wrapped can act as an art consultant for your project, curating a collection of artwork in a wide range of aesthetics and mediums.  By creating all of the work in house, rather than sourcing from outside art studios, we can deliver an art plan that is original, cohesive, and created specifically for your space.

WRAPPED does not merely try to match a client’s aesthetic needs and unique space with a collection of art, but actually custom creates an art collection to meet their exact needs. From designing the art to match aesthetic specifications, to creating a collection that perfectly matches the scale of a space, WRAPPED’s art consulting service is seamlessly integrated into every other service it offers.

Original Art Creation

Starting with hand painted elements, WRAPPED uses technology to transform these components into original art that has infinite potential to be scaled and customized to meet the specific needs of a unique space. All artwork created  at WRAPPED is original. We are continuously inspired to create unique pieces of art just for you and your style.

Custom Framing

Wrapped offers custom framing for all of our artwork.  Our framing options include brushed aluminum, aluminum or gold leaf, custom wood, and stained or painted wood.  All of our framing is provided at cost, so you spend your money on art, not frames.

Collaborative Art Licensing

We collaborate with select manufacturers to offer products ranging from carpets, to upholstery textiles to bike wraps.  We are always looking for new partners who share our vision.  There are infinite possibilities.

Inspired by the infinite possibilities we imagine with every blank surface, WRAPPED collaborates with everything from flooring to textile companies to form collaborative art licensing partnerships.