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Unique Murals Designs That Fit Any Space

WRAPPED Studios Custom Wallpaper & Artwork Collections

The WRAPPED Studios creative team will partner with you to create a tailored collection to fit with your specific branding guidelines & current market trends.

WRAPPED will provide a continuous supply of samples for distribution for agreed upon designs.

Production of orders received can be processed on either side of partnership. If design partner prefers to manage production, WRAPPED will provide all print files, installation guides, and instructions necessary to ensure the highest quality.

By partnering with WRAPPED to create a custom wallcovering collection for your brand, you are ensured our same level of quality at a quicker turnaround time.

Custom Colorways

Unlimited Samples

Seamless Production

Every stage of our process is completed in-house, facilitating excellent communication between our consultants and our art production staff.

This model also completely eliminates middlemen and markups from the equation, enabling us to offer custom fine art of elite quality for below-market prices you’ll find pleasantly surprising. For some examples of our past work, please visit our online gallery of recently completed custom corporate art projects. Then, when you’re ready to take advantage of our corporate art consulting expertise, please get in touch with a member of our client services department.

Make it memorable.

Meet an art advisor and discuss your specific needs

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