Video Art for Screens

WRAPPED Studios is proud to introduce our new digital division.  With the explosion of LED screens in buildings and on city streets all over the world, the age of digital/video art has truly arrived.  We create vibrant, dynamic, hi-resolution artwork in the Wrapped tradition of unparalleled quality and innovation.  Our work is site-specific, formatted to fill LED screens and other digital installations with our unique attention to detail and revolutionary designs.

See the Work in Your Space

Our cutting edge team of in-house artists work with you to render video art into your space so that you can experience what it would look like before committing. Similarly, for those clients that prefer a subscription, this allows the capability to explore the aesthetic potential of a space.

A Variety of Styles

In the past century, artists have created artwork not only inspired by but inseparable from technology. From Nam June Paik to Bill Viola to James Turrell, these immersive works of light, digital, and video artwork have filled audiences with wonder and excitement but have been exhibited mainly in established art institutions. As technology becomes more integrated with society this form of digital artwork is now becoming accessible in an unprecedented way. Screens and LED displays suddenly inhabit modern and traditional architectural spaces alike, bestowing them with an almost futuristic beauty. WRAPPEDLA is excited to join this movement with our video art for digital and LED screens.


Color Variation Examples

Our full customization capabilities allow you the ability to modify pieces to your specifications. Whether for branding purposes or general aesthetics, we will work with you to ensure your artwork is exactly as you envisioned.


Options to Fit Your Needs