WRAPPED Studios Video Art Showcase

Explore the creative and expressive power of new media with the WRAPPED Studios video art showcase. 

The ubiquity of the screen in 21st-century living has created a far-reaching and innovative new medium for artists. With a long-established history of embracing technological advancement, WRAPPED Studios has made major strategic and human capital investments in digital art formats. It has been a resounding success for our collective, and we would like to share that success with select audiences through our WRAPPED Studios video art showcase.

We are excited to present 12 stunning digital artworks:


One of digital art’s main strategic advantages is its ability to transport viewers into wondrous worlds of pure imagination. Prior to the evolution of digital technology, video artwork was far more bound to the realm of realism. This is no longer the case, as computer-generated imagery has effectively eliminated the budgetary considerations of bygone times.

Our Castle artwork offers an excellent example. This idyllic and serene fantasy scene invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a whimsical scene of colorful and enchanted beauty.

Sun Water: LA Live

LA Live brands itself as “the most entertaining place on the planet.” A flagship entertainment complex in Downtown Los Angeles, the LA Live hosts high-profile events and performers on a packed annual schedule.

Our studio has had the pleasure of creating multiple works that were displayed on the screens outside LA Live. This piece, titled Sun Water, makes a bold and visually striking statement and encapsulates the city’s vibrant energy.

Miami Sharks

Our Sharks custom digital artwork was featured at the 2018 installment of Miami Art Basel. The annual Art Basel exhibition is an international art fair that takes place in three locations: Basel, Switzerland; Miami, Florida; and Hong Kong. Its objective is to raise funding for local art institutions in these three cities, creating opportunities for both established and emerging artists.

Flower Tunnel Revisited

Artwork has long had a spiritual dimension, and video and digital formats are in a unique position to explore them in new ways. Flower Tunnel Revisited offers an alternate take on our original and highly popular Flower Tunnel video artwork by introducing an enhanced sense of transcendental engagement.

Flower Tunnel Revisited takes the viewer on a journey through a symbolic floral wonderland. The rich and colorful piece culminates by introducing a flower deity that speaks to the powerful connection between nature and higher planes of existence.

Feathers: US Bank Tower

We conclude the WRAPPED Studios video art showcase with a piece that was displayed at the lobby of the US Bank Tower in DTLA. This piece, titled Feathers, creates an arresting swirl of lavish and flowing color that offers an alternate look at how large-format video artwork can transform the character and utility of an otherwise generic corporate lobby.

Glass Wrap Night

Many of the works featured thus far in the WRAPPED Studios video art showcase are built around bright, rich, and vibrant colors. Glass Wrap Night diverges to explore the equally compelling beauty of ethereal forms floating through darkness.

The piece features abstract, rotating forms shimmering through the work’s vertical axis to create a haunting, ghostlike beauty. Moody and evocative, Glass Wrap Night displays our studio’s ability to create compelling artworks across a full range of visual styles.

Space: US Bank Tower

US Bank Tower is one of the most recognizable and iconic skyscrapers in Los Angeles. This high-profile feature of the Downtown L.A. skyline opened in 1989 and has become one of the most prestigious addresses in the city for professionals and corporate offices.

Like many major commercial complexes, US Bank Tower has been seeking new ways to attract and retain desirable tenants. Video art has emerged as a powerful solution with additional benefits that extend to talent recruitment enhancements for occupant companies.

Our Space artwork created a stunning, large-format starscape to welcome viewers to the US Bank Tower lobby. Bursting with light and strong lines, Space succeeds admirably in doubling as a thought-provoking and conversation-starting focal centerpiece.

Paint Extrusions Primary

Regardless of their format, the vast majority of visual artworks are rooted in a common set of formal elements that include color, line, and shape. Our Paint Extrusions piece playfully explores these characteristics through shape-shifting bursts of primary color.

Reconfiguring themselves again and again, the colorful shape-forms in Paint Extrusions create an immediate connection with the viewer through the use of shadow and the illusion of three-dimensionality. 

Superba: Main Lobby

This work, created for Superba, displays a colorful and chaotic sequence involving swirls of color concentrating into a sun-like ball before a powerful ejection propels them back out toward the viewer. Intended for display in a familiar interior setting, the artwork creates a unique juxtaposition of the fantastic and the quotidian in a uniquely evocative style.

Superba: Main Lobby can be viewed as a meta-artistic statement on artwork’s ability to interject moments of brilliant creativity into everyday life.

Moving Wall

Interactive walls have emerged as a hot digital art trend. These digital displays transform walls into exhibition spaces. Touchscreen and motion-sensing technologies have also introduced novel ways of allowing viewers to interact with them and participate in the aesthetic process.

Our Moving Wall artwork offers a glimpse of the format’s potential. Its unique cascading effect creates a fascinating sense of kinesis while presenting a soothing nature scene over calm, gentle music.


Composed with a palette of bright yet neutral tones, our Strings video artwork offers a visually fascinating exploration of shape. The piece depicts ovoid and spherical forms rising from a bed of silvery yarn-like string to fill the negative space that dominates the screen at its outset.

Strings also introduces an element of rhythmic motion as the shapes reach their full and complete forms at the video’s midpoint. They then recede back from whence they came, invoking the natural cycles that mark beginnings and endings, like the passage of the seasons and the phases of the moon.

Gears: LA Live

Our Gears artwork is another signature piece featured at the LA Live complex in Downtown L.A. Displayed on a giant street-facing screen on the venue’s exterior, Gears creates an immersive experience that sweeps the viewer out of the public space and into the world of the artwork.

Gears has many possible interpretations, with a few possibilities suggesting the prominent role of machines in modern life or the relentless forward motion of progress. Open to many different readings, Gears is a strong expression of the captivating balance between the abstract and the concrete that video art can strike.

WRAPPED Studios is at the forefront of custom digital art.

WRAPPED Studios is an art studio headquartered in Venice, California specializing in custom artwork for commercial, corporate, hospitality, multifamily and private residential settings.

Co-founded by Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman, WRAPPED Studios specializes in creating bespoke video artworks for a global client base in both traditional and emerging formats. 

WRAPPED Studios video art has been featured in a long and growing list of high-profile venues and corporate complexes. All artwork is created in-house through a proprietary process that integrates the advanced insights of our consulting team with the world-class talents of our artists and technicians. Every space is unique, and the WRAPPED Studios video art process reflects that in its individual approach to each client.

To learn more about our artistic collective or the upcoming WRAPPED Studios video art showcase, please contact us



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Marmoz Razinger

Pricing Option 1

One-Off Artwork Pricing

This option allows you to buy individual pieces of artwork
to build your own digital art library that can be displayed on screens across the property. Price per piece will depend on its complexity and length, and will be built specifically for display on the screens at the property.

Price Range: $10-30k, per digital artwork piece

Pricing Option 2

Recurring Content Program Pricing

This option would include a package of new artwork options created exclusively for this property, delivered either monthly or quarterly. The package would include anywhere from 3-10 pieces of artwork, with price depending on complexity and length, and will be built specifically for display on the screens at the property.

Pricing Range: $25-100k, per quarter


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