Video Art

Accompanying the increase of LED screens in buildings, the age of video art is emerging.  WRAPPED Studios is proud to introduce site-specific video art to fill these LED screens and other digital installations.  Our digital artwork is vibrant, dynamic, hi-resolution, and unparalleled in quality.

In the past century, artists like James Turrell have created artwork not only inspired by, but inseparable from technology. These immersive works of light, digital, and video artwork have filled audiences with wonder and excitement, but have remained installation or museum based. As technology becomes more integrated with society than ever before, this form of digital artwork is also becoming accessible in an unprecedented way. Screens and LED displays suddenly inhabit modern and traditional architectural spaces alike, bestowing them with an almost futuristic beauty. WRAPPED Studios is excited to join this movement with our custom video art for digital and LED screens.

Our completely customized, site specific video art is designed on a client by client basis from the ground up.

 This process allows us complete creative flexibility to come up with the appropriate dynamic video artwork for a specific LED display or immersive installation. Because we work directly with our artists and animators, we are able to offer unparalleled customization. Our unique process and technologies allow us to offer artwork at a higher resolution, larger scale, and with greater depth than other providers of video artwork in the industry.
Contact us at or 310-399-9727 to inquire about us creating a single piece or rotation of pieces to light up your LED screen with.